GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima
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WxMaxima is a graphical user interface for the computer algebra system Maxima. It eases the use of Maxima by making most of its commands available through a menu system and by providing input dialogs for commands that require more than one argument. It also implements its own display engine that outputs mathematical symbols directly instead of depicting them with ASCII characters.

wxMaxima also features 2D and 3D inline plots, simple animations, mixing of text and mathematical calculations to create documents, exporting of input and output to TeX, and a browser for Maxima's manual including command index and full text searching.
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josta 3 years ago

Ich mag diese Software. Wenn man im Studium ein paar Probleme ohne die ewigen Handrechnungen lösen möchte, ist man hier gut beraten. Eigenwertprobleme habe ich ein paar Aufgaben zur Validierung gerechnet, welche dann auch mit den Ergebnissen von wxmaxima übereingestimmt haben. Super!

luisclaudio 4 years ago

Excellent software. I've been using it for a long time and recommend it. After installing it, also install the "Maxima-share" package to have access to several other commands that go beyond the standard version that is installed. ==== Excelente software. Uso ele há bastante tempo e recomendo. Depois de instalar ele, instale também o pacote "Maxima-share" para ter acesso a vários outros comandos que vão além da versão padrão que vem instalado.

ajhc 8 years ago

PSA: The standard version of wxMaxima here (13.something) has broken shortcuts, use the ppa linked from the official website instead (https://andrejv.github.io/wxmaxima/download.html)

MatthewCushman 9 years ago

Very nice all-purpose cas/math app - the core has been around for decades, and it has amazing plotting capabliities (load "draw")

jmdguez 9 years ago

Excelente programa! Similar a maple de windows! Muy potente! Lo recomiendo!

ageev270780 9 years ago

A very good

Hardison 9 years ago

MathCAD analog. Useful for me

Oc3lot 9 years ago

Crasha non appena provo a mettere una parentesi su mint 17 cinnamon

jrgsm70 9 years ago

Este programa no acepta la pulsación de ciertas teclas como los corchetes o la combinación de teclas Ctrl+C ni Ctrl+V. El bug está reportado en https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wxmaxima/+bug/1308154 ; en tal sitio se sugiere instalar la versión previa. This program doesn't type some special keys like brackets nor some combinations like Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V. The bug is reportad at https://bugs.launchpad.net/Ubuntu/+source/wxmaxima/+bug/1308154 ; that site suggests the use of the previous version

aeksiri 10 years ago

It was help me to get master degree of eng.

apurbapaul0 10 years ago

A very good software, great alternative of mathematica. I can do all the job I need to do.

ciko88 12 years ago

A very good alternative to wolfram mathematica

a-silence 12 years ago


Herbert 12 years ago

very good CAS

allwires 12 years ago

Works good, but some things in the interface either don't work or just don't make sense. I could just need to learn up on Maxima a bit, but the whole point of a UI is to hide most of the underlying command line stuff.

Topen 13 years ago

Amazing! Similiar to Wolfram's Mathematica. (A lot less polished but hey it's free!)

fcole90 13 years ago


Prates 13 years ago

very powerful program!

geopip 13 years ago


hexram 13 years ago

Excellent computer algebra system.