X Window System Chess Board
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XBoard is a graphical chessboard that can serve as a user interface for chess programs, for the Internet Chess Server, or for electronic mail correspondence chess. It supports all major forms of chess, such as international chess, xiangqi and shogi. XBoard can also be used by itself as viewer for stored chess games.

XBoard uses the Helvetica font (located in the xfonts-75dpi and xfonts-100dpi packages) by default. However, other fonts can be specified via a command line option or an X resource.
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MD_drm 4 years ago

I use xboard + stockfish (and polyglot), a great combination. In my opinion, In the chess world, computing power is more important than graphics. xboard -fUCI -fcp stockfish -sUCI -scp stockfish

GIbbets 4 years ago

En Ubuntu no había problemas, pero en Linux Mint no funciona bien. Tendré que instalar otro hasta que solucionen el problema

dknight 7 years ago

On Linux Mint Sarah it's doesnt work, at least for me.

lib2know 8 years ago

old fashioned. Especially the usage with internet chess server would need some improvements when it still needs cli action ... but still the best cause of conigurability and usability!

mh2o 9 years ago

Even though the graphics have no frills this is the best way to play chess over the internet. cool!

nugon63 10 years ago

i canot install xboard in linux mint helena

jmaz 10 years ago

For now, simply the best vehicle for analysing, inporting, ics-ing in Linux. Eventhough it needs some improvements, it provides good support. It is highly recommended for anyone that wants to have better control of his chess game in Linux.

ganeshtvpm 11 years ago

much better then chess titans in windows 7

Jatt159 12 years ago

Niente male, molto bello ma la grafica potrebbe essere migliorata, comunque complimenti! (Italy)

mukeshk 12 years ago

very good programming. No frills. Graphics could be improved