'minesweeper' game with squares, hexagons or triangles
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A test of speed and logic to find the location of bombs hidden in a grid. It offers the standard grid of squares, plus grids of hexagons or triangles, each in 3 difficulty levels. All games are played against the clock with a high-score table for each combination.
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Atrval 1 month ago

It's good if you need a simple and light game.

Nitya_Deva 2 years ago

Looks even more loveless than microsoft's version. Even the controls are less comfortable. Just the two other variantes of playing may be intressting. But I think there are better versions of this game.

Fonzie 2 years ago

Triangle MineSweeper is something that anyone who loves the genre should try at least once! (also I freaking love hexes!!)

vitalii 4 years ago

Great game with great difficulty level!

Peyrol 7 years ago

Triangles are where it's at! More skill & less luck than standard Minesweeper