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Xdg-utils contains utilities for integrating applications with the desktop environment, regardless of which desktop environment is used.

The following utilities are included:

* xdg-desktop-menu - Install desktop menu items * xdg-desktop-icon - Install icons on the user's desktop * xdg-email - Compose a new email in the user's preferred email client, potentially with subject and other info filled in * xdg-icon-resource - Install icon resources * xdg-mime - Query and install MIME types and associations * xdg-open - Open a URI in the user's preferred application that handles the respective URI or file type * xdg-screensaver - Enable, disable, or suspend the screensaver * xdg-settings - Get or set the default web browser and URI handlers
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WhitePhoenix 9 years ago

It is essential only because it is integrated into so many useful applications. By itself, it does nothing. Tried using it in Opera and nothing happened. Bloatware, but don’t remove it.

jahid_0903014 9 years ago

essential package