lightweight file manager for X11
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Xfe is based on the popular but discontinued X Win Commander. It is desktop independent and is written using the C++ Fox Toolkit. Its appearance is similar to the Windows file-manager Total Commander or Windows Explorer. It is very fast and simple.

The main features are: file associations, mount/umount devices, directory tree for quick cd, change file attributes, auto save registry, compressed archives view/creation/extraction, compatibility with GNOME/KDE/Xfce, and much more.

Containing a simple text editor (Xfwrite), image viewer (Xfimage) and package manager (Xfpack).
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brawaga 2 years ago

About xfwrite: very convenient key mapping, simple and easy interface. But it does not preserve clipboard contents on quit when I Ctrl+X, close, and Ctrl+V somewhere else, it already made me lose a lot of work, so I hate it.

EdmundF 3 years ago

Missing function to automatically RENAME files while copying is target file name exists

webzbear 3 years ago

Для человека который пересел с винХР на линух эта программа очень рекомендуется , только ей нашел файлы с внешнего винта

FavoriteMint 3 years ago

Love it. Simpe and fast. If possible please add a favorites below the folder tree. Thank you for your efforts!

BinKIno 4 years ago

almost perfect - but add a places/tree switch, like nemo and other have

mirknight 9 years ago

!!!!!!Awesome! FAst Easy

dodies 11 years ago

Dopo qualche uso e configurazione può essere un valido sostituto di Krusader per chi, come me, cerca una valida alternativa per non dover installare tutte le dipendenze di kde. Completo di funzioni e decisamente leggero.

murmelbaer 12 years ago

XFE - I got the hint from linuxUSER 02.2011 (Germany). A very good graphical file manager with a lot of possibilities: Integrated Image viewer >X File Image< and mediaplayer >Audacious<. You can start it with root privileges. Fast and easy to use.

Alexio 13 years ago

The fastest graphical file manager I can find.