M+ bitmap 10/12 dot Latin/Japanese fonts for X11
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M+ bitmap fonts were designed to be simple and highly readable. It includes ISO-8859-1,15 (6/10/12 dot) fonts and all Japanese jisx0208.1990 Kanji fonts (10/12 dot) as following:

- mplus-gothic: M+ Gothic fonts (10/12dot, ISO-8859-1/Japanese) - mplus-goth_p: it's similar to mplus-gothic, but its Latin character part is proportional fonts (10/12dot, ISO-8859-1/Japanese) - mplus-fxd: yet another "fixed" fonts (10/12dot, ISO-8859-1/15) - mplus-hlv: yet another "helvetica" fonts (10/12dot, ISO-8859-1/15) - mplus-hlvw: 1 dot wide fonts than mplus-hlv ( 12dot, ISO-8859-1/15) - mplus-sys: for window title/menu (10dot, ISO-8859-1/15) - mplus-qub: 6 dot very small font (6dot, ISO-8859-1/15)
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blueXrider 11 years ago

works well