Oblique version of the Terminus font
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This package contains oblique versions of the fonts in the package xfonts-terminus. These fonts are automatically generated and at present are not supported by the upstream maintainer. They have much lower quality than the original fonts. Nevertheless they can be useful for some programs such as GNU Emacs and XEmacs.

This package contains normal and bold oblique fonts in the following in following sizes: 6x12, 8x14, 8x16, 10x20, 11x22, 12x24, 14x28 and 16x32 and supports the following encodings: ISO10646-1, ISO8859-1, ISO8859-2, ISO8859-5, ISO8859-9, ISO8859-13, ISO8859-15, ISO8859-16, KOI8-R, KOI8-U, CP1251 and PT154.
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blueXrider 11 years ago

works well