Small utility to change the AccessX settings of XKEYBOARD
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AccessX is a set of features within the XKEYBOARD extension of the X Window System designed to make X more accessible to users with disabilities. XKEYBOARD is present in X11R6.1 and later. AccessX features are typically unknown, given that in many implementations no interface is provided to utilize their functionality.

Accessibility Features supported in AccessX include:

1. MouseKeys is a system whereby the numeric keypad can be used to control the mouse pointer.

2. SlowKeys is a feature to "slow down" keyboard input.

3. StickyKeys enables the user who is unable to press and hold multi-key combinations to enter them in a sequential format instead.

4. BounceKeys is similar to StickyKeys, except that instead of a delay affecting all keys pressed, the delay is only enabled for the key the user pressed last.

5. RepeatKeys sets the same parameters as the global repeat settings, but it is important to make note of it as an accessibility feature as well.
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blueXrider 11 years ago

works well