Portable document format (pdf) suite -- viewer for x11
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Xpdf is a suite of tools for portable document format (pdf) files. (these are sometimes called 'acrobat' files after the name of adobe's pdf software.)

this package contains xpdf itself, a pdf viewer for x11. xpdf is designed to be small and efficient. xpdf supports encrypted pdf files. standard x fonts, truetype fonts and type 1 fonts are supported.

this package also contains pdftoppm, a utility for converting pdf files to pbm, pgm and ppm formats.

see also the xpdf-utils package for conversion utilities and the other xpdf-* packages for additional language support.
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Mitzh 12 years ago

lightweight and ok, but can't select and copy text :/

wanda 12 years ago

Great off my Isadora9 Netbook i like it .