X11 print system (binary)
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Xprint is an advanced printing system which enables x11 applications to use devices like printers, fax or create documents in formats like postscript, pdf, pcl, etc.

this package provides xprt, the xprint server compiled from xprint.mozdev.org, an x.org subproject. xprint provides superior support for printing from mozilla, including non-latin characters and mathml. truetype fonts are supported.

please note that xprint is now deprecated and will be removed from the next debian release. those looking for the xprint wysiwyp functionality ("what you see is what you print") should consider switching to the cairo library.

xprint uses ttf2pt1 internally for some font support.

more information about x.org can be found at:

this package is built from the x.org xserver module.
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blueXrider 11 years ago

works well