Screensaver daemon and frontend for X11
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XScreenSaver is a modular screen saver and locker for X11, containing more than 200 screen savers.

This package includes the bare minimum needed to blank and lock your screen. Install this package if you want to use the xscreensaver engine to control screen blanking and launching display modes ("hacks"). If you only want to use other screensaver engines, you don't need to install this package.

The graphical display modes are in the xscreensaver-data, xscreensaver-data-extra, xscreensaver-gl and xscreensaver-gl-extra packages.
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dagsix 2 months ago

For years - it has been one of my first installs on a new system. It is *necessary*? No. Is it fun? Yup. Lots of wonder screensavers and the ability to have random or the same on multiple screens. Love it!

Agentl074 4 months ago

This is the best! I have also used this with Ubuntu 22.04 (Wayland), so the X11 compatibility mode works well. I just had to change the power modes to allow Xscreensaver to engage. Tested builds: Linux Mint 20.3. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Wayland.

Nick-N 3 years ago

It's pretty nice. But it would be even better if it didn't interrupt videos

CCC999 4 years ago

Loved Skyrocket for decades! Needed..no. Enjoyed..Yes!

newmintterman 5 years ago

Super! The best screensaver to Mint. There are extra packages for Xscreensaver if you like to expand your collection.

leonardj446 5 years ago

I have used xscreensaver for years; always liked it. Mint screensaver will work if you install xscreensaver, start the daemon by starting screensaver-demo. Then you can make the settings for a particular screensaver, like gl-slideshow, selecting an appropriate file directory, and so on. Then test it. Obviously, it is simpler to just use Xscreensaver itself and turn of Mint's version; just my opinion.

Caltrop 5 years ago

have to use this since Mint's version sucks

gloriousigor 8 years ago

Forgive them, for they know not what they say. Xscreensaver is the best screensaver as of 2016 in any Linux distro. Period.

Quexos 8 years ago

I disable it. Power manager is enough. Don't need multiple programs fighting to do the same thing.

chopical 8 years ago

where is the deamon ? having issues with the deamon not running

asderceder 9 years ago

Pretty useless in my opinion

Link9 9 years ago

Заставки таак себе:|

michelsaey 9 years ago

Looks outdated but works fast and reliable like the rest of Xfce

kwidzius 9 years ago

ugly and out of date

Peyrol 9 years ago

For anyone concerned with the security of xscreensaver compared to gnome-screensaver for example, I recommend you read the Xscreensaver FAQ page at jwz.org

jahid_0903014 9 years ago

should be excluded alltogether

yush05 9 years ago

не совсем понятно, что, где и как надо дополнительно скачивать...

4ndy 9 years ago

Breaks the Lock Screen command and some Power Manager functionality on Mint 17 XFCE, and interrupts full-screen applications without keyboard & mouse input (doesn't detect other inputs). If you want to stare at pretty patterns or you're simple enough to be amused by a bouncing 3D cow, this is for you. If you actually want to lock your screen to keep your contacts' confidential emails safe while taking a piss, use gnome-screensaver instead.

krige 10 years ago

No menu item: once installed the only way to run it seems to be to call it from a terminal

Yure 10 years ago

Com o tanto que peça minha senha ao desbloquear, tudo bem.