X.org x server -- amd/ati r5xx, r6xx display driver
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This package provides the driver for the radeon r5xx and r6xx family of chipsets, including the x1550, x1300, x1550, x1600, firegl v3300/v3350, firemv 2250, x1800, firegl v5300/v7200/v7300/v7350, x1300 xt, x1600, firegl v3400/v5200 x1300, x1650, x1950 pro/gt, x1650, x1900, x1950, firestream 2u, hd 2900 xt, hd 2400 pro/xt, hd 2600 pro/xt, mobility x1300, x1350, mobility x1400, x1450, x2300, mobility x1600, x1700, mobility firegl v5200, v5250, mobility x1800, x1900, mobility firegl v7100, v7200, mobility hd 2300, mobility hd 2400, mobility hd 2600, and radeon x1200.

this package provides debugging symbols for this xorg x driver.
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