graphical file/directory comparison and merge tool - scripts
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Xxdiff is a powerful tool for viewing the differences between two or three files, or two directories, and can be used to produce a merged version. The texts of the two or three files are presented side by side with their differences highlighted with colors for easy identification.

This package provides a number of scripts that are used to perform a variety of tasks that all involve getting user verification and feedback using the xxdiff graphical differences viewer.

For example, there are scripts to perform global renaming of strings within a large codebase, where each transformed file is viewed by the user with an xxdiff, accepted, rejected or merged changes written over the original file (making backups is supported). Also, this infrastructure is mostly provided as modules, in order to allow users to write file transformations in Python and to leverage this interactive confirmation process.

There are also scripts that visualize diffs for a number of SCM systems, like CVS, Subversion, etc. This package was born after a number of these useful scripts had sprouted, and it became apparent that sharing the common code for the scripts would be a great advantage to tools writers.

See documentation for a full list of the scripts and their role: https://furius.ca/xxdiff/doc/xxdiff-scripts.html
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