A cheap clone of Minesweeper
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Billig Sweeper is a cheap clone of Minesweeper with even cheaper graphics. Left click to select a tile, right click to mark a bomb.

Hint: If you expect 4K, 8K or even 16K super duper high fidelity graphics, this one is not for you!

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Simon3153 1 week ago

It's playable (provides the functions you'd expect and isn't buggy) and you also get some options (a menu) to make it harder, if you wish, by setting field width and height and the number of mines. Just as the description says, it's not about graphics. It only requires 107kB of space. I kind of like that idea. When you adjust the field size it might seem that it isn't applied, but it's only the window size which isn't adjusted. If you drag the borders or when you close and restart the programm it will be applied.