Yet Another Telephony Engine (YATE)
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YATE is a telephony engine aimed at creating a telephony server that performs well enough to deal with PBX requirements and also flexible enough for complex Gateway and IVR solutions.

VoIP server
SS7 switch
VoIP client
Jabber server
Jabber client
Conference server - with up to 200 voice channels in a single conference
VoIP to PSTN gateway
PC2Phone and Phone2PC gateway
IP Telephony server and/or client
H.323 gatekeeper
H.323 multiple endpoint server
H.323<->SIP Proxy
SIP session border controller
SIP router
SIP registration server
IAX server and/or client
Jingle client or server
MGCP server (Call Agent)
ISDN passive and active recorder
ISDN, RBS, analog passive recorder
Call center server
IVR engine
Prepaid and/or postpaid cards system
This package contains YATE Server itself.
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eagled2 10 years ago

This is the only way I use google voice. No other program makes it as convienent. Just needs the latest version in the official repository.

blueXrider 11 years ago