Arcade multiplayer game like nibbles
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This is an arcade multiplayer game for 2 - 6 players on one keyboard, clone of Achtung die Kurve classical dos game. You handle your line and you must sidetrack lines of other players and of course walls. When some player dies, survival gets one point. When only one player is left alive, the round is finished. Each game has eleven rounds.
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Busybody 6 months ago

Don't waste your time installing this, because the developer obviously didn't spend much time testing and debugging this game. There are no instructions as to which keys to use to move, or how to configure the keys. There are no worms or whatever visible during "game play", you just see a mostly black screen with some numbers counting up, presumably a count of lives lost, and then it says "game over". Absolute rubbish! And not deserving to even be included in this software repository. It would be nice if there were some standards for functionality and usability to meet before software is allowed on here. Seems like anyone can just slap some bytes together and shove it up here, without it needing to be tested in any way. Linux Mint should do better! :(

LinuxFan5 5 years ago

Cant find how to run :/

mozzribo 7 years ago

One of the best local multiplayer games around. :)