Document viewer with a minimalistic interface
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Zathura is a document viewer with a minimalistic and space saving interface. It offers a vim-like experience and has a focus on keyboard interaction. The key bindings, commands and most other settings can be customized.

Some of the features are:
* bookmarking pages
* printing the whole document or specific pages
* following links
* searching in the document
* browsing the document index
* SyncTex forward and backward synchronization
zathura can be extended to support other file formats via a plugin system.
Latest reviews
piju 3 years ago

It surprises me deeply that this little gem have a negative score in the Mint Software Manager. It's by far the best OSS pdf reader I've stumpled upon.

pedro9 3 years ago

This package is outdated.

lemoncurry 4 years ago

Minimalistic as in.. does nothing on LM 17.2

mishoune 4 years ago

It does take a few minutes to get used to controls. This, however, pays off quickly in fast opening and dealing with file and stable functionality across different distros. It's never the viewer of my first choice but somehow I always end up using it most.

slagtra 5 years ago

minimalistic as in useless

brankovukelic 6 years ago

Very light and fast, uses Vim bindings, so if you are a Vim fan, you might like it