Suite of zope products for speeding up plone
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The cachefu suite is a set of zope products meant to speed up plone using a combination of memory caching, proxy caching, and browser caching.

it includes the following products:
- cachesetup: provides a single place to configure all of plone's
caching-related services.
- cmfsquidtool: automatically purges content views from a proxy cache
when content changes
- pagecachemanager: like ramcachemanager but for entire pages. handles http
headers, plays nicely with gzipping. uses etags for cache keys, allowing
for sophisticated invalidation.
- policyhttpcachemanager: routes content associated with an
acceleratedhttpcachingmanager through cachesetup's machinery.
in addition, cachefu includes sample configuration files for squid and for apache+squid proxying setup.