Emulator of the super nintendo entertainment system
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Zsnes allows you to play classic games written for the super nintendo (snes) game console on a gnu/linux system. it supports advanced features such as multiplayer gameplay over a tcp/ip network.

please note that many separately-available games playable under this emulator are non-free. see /usr/share/doc/zsnes/readme.debian for more information.
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paris_esport 8 years ago

Bon émulateur, mais impossible de trouver Secret of mana !

djeneba8333 8 years ago

best games great memories!

Link9 8 years ago

Хороший эмулятор SNES все игры работают но нету русского языка.

iosonoscrive 8 years ago

yes ok

FloWi 8 years ago

Das ist der beste Emulator für SNES Spiele

benoit-1975 9 years ago

C'est un bon émulateur à condition qu'il ne plante pas au bout de 30 minutes.

Rexsonixson 9 years ago

Fett Grins!(&-)

Berndinium 9 years ago

Looks great at first sight, but freezes after 30 mins - EVERY TIME!!! ->useless tool

marcosr 9 years ago

Best emulator in linux.

roymary1208 9 years ago

its the best i found so far

Dogboy05 9 years ago

worked fine for 30 min then locked up the entire machine. had to hard reboot. :-(

KhalVal 9 years ago

Works really well, I like that I can save anywhere and not just at save points.

ZekThePenguin 10 years ago

works flawlessly for 40 mins, then everything freezes on my desktop.

klimas 10 years ago


ynikolski 10 years ago

Almost perfect program.

elieu 10 years ago


Dan_ 11 years ago

Como resolver bug onde somente inicia a primeira vez (how to solve the "only works at first" bug). Esteja certo de somente sair do emulador enquanto estiver no modo janela. Se estiver em tela cheia, primeiro alterne para janela ALT+ENTER antes de sair do emulador, assim o bug não acontece na proxima vez q iniciar. Se por acaso sair do emulador enquanto estiver rodando em tela cheia e o bug acontecer com vc, vá na pasta".zsnes" e edite o arquivo "zsnesl.cfg" localize a linha "cvidmode=" e use qq opçao equivalente a um modo janela, ex: 0, 2, 5, 9, etc "cvidmode=2", salve e tente iniciar novamente o emulador. To prevent this bug, make sure you only quit the emulator while in windowed mode. If you're playing in fullscreen mode, ALWAYS switch to windowed (ALT+ENTER) before quit. If you forgot to accomplish this and now the emulador dont start, just go to ".zsnes" folder and edit "zsnesl.cfg", locate the line "cvidmode=" and change to any windowed mode resolution option ex: 0,2,5,9, etc "cvidmode=2", save the changes and try to start emulator again.

kevin_carreon 11 years ago

Only works at first.

QreAtop_R3BaCk 11 years ago


Cholly 11 years ago

GARBAGE! It worked great at first, which is probably why it made me so mad when it wouldn't reboot at all. Until you quit the first time, it runs like a champ.I saved the within the game AND saved the state on the emulator, but when I went to restart the emulator, the screen went black for a moment, then nothing, it went back to my beginning Mint screen. Uninstalled, reinstalled, same exact problem. Really annoying as I had found a ROM of a game whose cartridge had died. I had been very happy.