Installing Xampp On Linuxmint

  11 years ago

Xampp is a software package that includes Apache HTTP server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl languages.

In my previous tutorial which was about installing LAMP on Linuxmint many  people commented that they liked the tutorial but they use Xampp  surprise.  So this time I tried it too, and found that it's a really good software package.


Installing Xampp is much more easier than installing LAMP. As we just have to install one software package, and entire LAMP will be installed. In LAMP we had to install every individual software seperately.

So lets go ahead and see the steps for Installing Xampp.



1. Download Xampp:

First of all you have to download Xampp. You can download it from this link: .

2. Login as Administrator Root:

  • Launch the terminal and login as System Administrator root by typing in following command in it.

su root

  • Then enter your password.
  • It'll then show you your username, which means you've successfully loged in as administrator.

3.  Extract the Downloaded file:

Go to the directory where you've downloaded the Xampp. Mostly it's the 'Downloads' directory. But if you've changed the default setting or moved the downloaded file to some other directory(as I did) then you'll have to go to that directory.

you can enter that directory by cd command. As follows.

cd Downloads


cd --dir-name--

Then extract the archived file to /opt with following command:

tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.8.0.tar.gz -C /opt

Remember that the part of command highlighted in yellow is the version of the Xampp. By the time I installed it (that is yesterday; Friday 3rd August, 2012), the latest version was 1.8.0. You'll have to change that if you've downloaded a newer version. You can check it out from the file's name. The code highlighted in green is the file's name, and rest is the code for extracting it.

If you've done everything correct, the Xampp is now installed in your computer.

4. Start Xampp:

To start Xampp run the follwoing command in terminal:

/opt/lampp/lampp start

5. Run and Test Xampp:

To check if everything went okay launch the browser (Firefox, Chrome etc), and type in the follwoing URL:




Now you'll see the index page of Xampp in your browser. And it'll show you the links to all the good stuff that it has.


And that's all. You've successfully Downloaded, Installed and Tested Xampp.
So now go ahead amd develop wonderful Web Applications. wink

Best of Luck! smiley

bawa_d 8 years ago

this tutorial save me. thanx for this useful help.

matsu48 8 years ago

wow and thanks :)

bawa_d 8 years ago

great tutorial. one request is how to create virtual host using xampp in linux mint?

aymanspit 11 years ago

to autostart XAMPP you have to execute this command

sudo ln -s /opt/lampp/lampp /etc/rc2.d/S99lampp
sudo ln -s /opt/lampp/lampp /etc/rc1.d/K02lampp

EmpireITtech 11 years ago

How do you get XAMPP to auto start upon restart?

EmpireITtech 11 years ago

This was MUCH easier than the LAMP installation. Thanks for you good tutorials as I am new to Linux lol

mysoomro 11 years ago

Thanks for the tips.. :)

timothy23 11 years ago

Pretty clear and simple. However, my download of Mint 13 already had apache installed and running on bootup. If this is true for you, you would need to kill apache2 first before starting the xampp processes. To avoid having to do it manually each time you reboot, you should swap the new xampp for the old apache server in your startup routine.