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 Setting Security for XAMPP

If you go to http://localhost/xampp/index.php and then click on the security link you'll see all the stuff that are unsecure. And you might not be able to make changes into you htdocs folder because of these unset security.

To make all these stuff secure do following.

1. Open terminal and login as root.


su root

2. Then type in:

/opt/lampp/lampp security

3. Now it'll ask you some questions like:

XAMPP: Your XAMPP pages are NOT secured by a password.
XAMPP: Do you want to set a password? [yes]

And sure you want to set a password for it. so type in:


and press enter.
Then type in your password and make sure you remember your password.

It'll ask you similar questions like

XAMPP: The MySQL/phpMyAdmin user has no password set!
XAMPP: Do you want to set a password? [yes]


XAMPP: MySQL has no root password set!
XAMPP: Do you want to set a password? [yes]


XAMPP: The FTP password is still set to 'lampp'.
XAMPP: Do you want to change it? [yes]


type in 


for all the questions above and type in your password.

4. Now when you click the security link on the xampp index.php page it will ask you your xampp user name.
But you haven't actually set it. So this is a bit tricky. The xampp user name is set by default.
The xampp user name is:  lampp 
Put in the user name and password that you set for xampp. And then you'll see all the stuff that was previously unsecure is now good and secure.

Congratulations! Now your XAMPP is Secure. yes

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4 years ago

Thank you! Great post.  

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