Change Font Type and Color of Panel Clock in Mate

  9 years ago

The font type and color of the panel clock follow the windows text in a theme by default. In

particular, if the font color is black and shown on a dark background through a transparent panel,

you can't read the clock clearly, but you can tweak it by changing the font color. And you can define

the font type for your panel clock as well.


For a example, the code below sets the font color to black (black= #000000 and white= #FFFFFF) and applies sans, bold and size 11.


1. Open up the text editor Pluma and paste the following code:


style "my-panel-clock"


fg[NORMAL] = "#000000"

font_name = "sans bold 11"


widget "*.clock-applet-button.*" style "my-panel-clock"


2. Save the file as .gtkrc-2.0 (including the dot in front of the filename) inside your home

directory /home/your_user_name.


3. Log out and log back in (or enter 'killall mate-panel' into the Terminal) to see the change.

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DanH42 8 years ago

This is really cool! Any pointers on applying that style to other panel items, like the menu bar? `widget "*"` is too broad and selects items outside the panel, and `widget "*applet*"` still doesn't select other applets like weather or netspeed. In general, where can I find the GTK names used by applets?