Change address bar search in Firefox

  8 years ago

Mint's installation of Firefox has a multitude of conflicting search options. The searchbar uses Yahoo! by default, typing into the address bar (aka "location bar" aka "awesome bar") uses Duck Duck Go, and the maya mint home page uses Google.  I've reset my awesomebar to add a bit more consistency.

1. Open Firefox

2. In the address bar type

3. There will be a prompt saying "This might void your waranty" click
     I'll be careful I promise

4. A list of configuration items will display

    In the "Search" box type

    and the appropriate entry will display in the list

5. Click on the keyword.url entry in the list to open it

    A dialog box will display showing the search string

6. Change the search string to the new desired value

    For Duck Duck GO:

    For Google:

    For Yahoo!:

    click ok and the new entry will be used for searching from the address bar.

You're done! Close the about:config tab and continue your business as usual. Consider removing the search bar for a cleaner looking browsers window  and more space to see url's.

jahid_0903014 7 years ago

great! thnks a lot..

telcnas 8 years ago


Hammer459 8 years ago

How do I change the awesome into just url? I do not want to go to a search engine if I make a typo when entering a URL. Nor do I want to volounteer info to the search companies unless I have to. The awesome will send info to the selected search engine regardless if it is needed, aborting the search if the url is valid. But you have still provided the search engine with surf-habit info...
Paranoid? Maybe :-)

dritominous 8 years ago

Excellent to see this here. This happens to be one of the first things I do to any Firefox installation.

Well, I use this keyword string instead:

^ Makes it to where google's "I'm feeling lucky" search is executed redirecting me to the link of the first google search result, rather than just redirecting to the typical google search results page.

If nothing standard is found, a typical google search results page is displayed. Productivity win!
If I want to execute a standard google search, I use my "g" bookmark keyword search to append my search query to a google search request


For more info on keyword searches:

Have fun if you're interested!

remoulder 8 years ago

@flerchjj: Ah ok, apologies for misreading. As you say most users probably don't even know this exists let alone use it.

flerchjj 8 years ago

These steps are necessary to change the Address bar's search engine. I'm not talking about the Search bar that is typically to the right of the Address bar.

You can use the address bar both to enter web address URLs and perform searched. Most people don't know you don't need the search bar.

remoulder 8 years ago

None of this is necessary to use different search engines.