Turn off the pcspkr beeps on LMDE at login/logout/shutdown/restart.

  7 years ago

This tutorial describes how to disable the pcspkr beeping - stops login screen beep (x1) and logout/shutdown/restart beeps (x2).

A. Stop the pcspkr module from loading:

  1. In the Terminal (re)move /etc/modprobe.conf, if present, as it supersedes anything in /etc/modprobe.d/* (unless you add include /etc/modprobe.d).
  2. In the Terminal create a file /etc/modprobe.d/pcspkr.conf containing: blacklist pcspkr
  3. In the Terminal type: su
  4. This gets you a login on the Terminal as root (you'll need to authenticate).
  5. In the terminal type: depmod -ae
  6. Ignore any warnings.
  7. In the Terminal type: update-initramfs -u
  8. In the Terminal type: exit
  9. This puts you back at the Terminal prompt as the original user.

B. Configure Alsamixer:

  1. In the Terminal type: alsamixer
  2. Press [F5] to list all audio channels.
  3. Look for a channel called 'Beep'. If there isn't one try selecting a different sound card by pressing [F6].
  4. Once you have found 'Beep', highlight it and lower the volume to the bottom. Then press the [M] key on your keyboard to mute it. 'MM' should now have appeared in the square under the volume scale.
  5. Press [ESC] to exit from Alsamixer.
  6. In the Terminal save the Alsamixer changes by typing: sudo alsactl store (authenticating if neccessary).

C. Reboot:

  1. Reboot the machine. If everything went well there will be no logout/shutdown/restart beeps heard or login screen beeps when the system comes back up.


I hope this has helped you.


munja_m 6 years ago

isn't easier way to install Gnome ALSA mixer from Synaptic, and check Mute Beep below ?

Brian36 6 years ago

Superb - worked a treat on my Dell laptop M5040,
using LMDE 2013-03 update pack 6, MATE edition.
Many thanks