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 Plymouth themes: Fix, install, edit and create on Linux Mint

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1-To change the default splash screen:

Hit Ctrl+Alt+T to open up a terminal window, run this command to list installed themes and type in selection number to change the default:

sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth

Finally, apply changes with this command line:

sudo update-initramfs -u

2-To fix the delayed loading of the splash:

sudo -s
echo FRAMEBUFFER=y >>/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash
update-initramfs -u

3-To edit existing themes: ( I'm going to edit a theme called plymouth-theme-LMDE which you can download from ... hive-extra)

sudo gimp /lib/plymouth/themes/LMDE/background.png
you can copy,paste,replace and resize with gimp!


To edit Plymouth background colour:

sudo gedit /lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo-nonpink/ubuntu-logo.script

Search for “Window.SetBackgroundTopColor” (without quotes) and change the 2 lines so that they look like the following:
Window.SetBackgroundTopColor (0.85, 0.85, 0.85);     # Nice colour on top of the screen fading to
Window.SetBackgroundBottomColor (0.75, 0.75, 0.75);  # an equally nice colour on the bottom

You can choose any color you like. Find the RGB using gcolor2 (install this if you don’t have it installed) of the desired color and divide the RGB values with 256 to get the values to use.
Save the file and exit.

4- To install new themes manually:

First copy the downloaded theme to /lib/plymouth/themes/mytheme; Then execute (replace mytheme with the name of the theme you are installing):

sudo update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /lib/plymouth/themes/mytheme/mytheme.plymouth 100
sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth
sudo update-initramfs -u

5- [b]To create a very basic theme (wallpaper only) try the following:

1. sudo mkdir /lib/plymouth/themes/simple

2. Find a wallpaper you like and copy it to /lib/plymouth/themes/simple/wallpaper.png (must be a png!)

2. sudo gedit /lib/plymouth/themes/simple/simple.plymouth and paste the following:

[Plymouth Theme]
Description=Wallpaper only


3. sudo gedit /lib/plymouth/themes/simple/simple.script and paste the following:

wallpaper_image = Image(“wallpaper.png”);
screen_width = Window.GetWidth();
screen_height = Window.GetHeight();
resized_wallpaper_image = wallpaper_image.Scale(screen_width,screen_height);
wallpaper_sprite = Sprite(resized_wallpaper_image);

4. sudo update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /lib/plymouth/themes/simple/simple.plymouth 100

5. sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth (select simple from the list)

6. sudo update-initramfs -u

Reboot and you should see a boot splash of the image you copied.

For more details on creating plymouth themes check out:

6-To fix it for Nvidia/ATI Cards:

Open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T)and enter the following commands:

The easiest way to fix ugly plymouth theme fter installing nvidia drivers is to open terminal and type:

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

Look for the line :


Just underneath write the line :


If this does not fix your problem replace "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=auto" with:

then update grub with this command line:
sudo update-grub

reboot and your fine.

7- To get more plymouth themes for Linux Mint:

1- Download plymouth-theme-mint-logo + plymouth-theme-mint-text from (if ur using Maya just run the following command lines to get it working properly because it's installed by default:
sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth
sudo update-initramfs -u
sudo -s
echo FRAMEBUFFER=y >>/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash
update-initramfs -u

2- Download plymouth-theme-lmde_0.5.0-1_all.deb from ... hive-extra

3- Download plymouth-theme-mint-green-cloud_0.5.0-1_all.deb from ... hive-extra

4- Download plymouth-theme-mint-sunrise_0.5.0-1_all.deb from ... hive-extra

5- Download plymouth-theme-spinfinity-mint-one_0.5.0-1_all.deb from ... hive-extra

6- Download plymouth-theme-spinfinity-mint-two_0.5.0-1_all.deb from ... hive-extra

7- Download plymouth-theme-mint-does-seven_0.5.0-1_all.deb from ... hive-extra

8- Download plymouth-theme-int-mint_0.5.0-1_all.deb from ... hive-extra

9- Download plymouth-theme-mint-kde from ... sadora-KDE


8- To install all plymouth themes:

Install all the Themes for Plymouth with this command:

sudo apt-get install plymouth-theme*


Four of the themes have broken packages:-


remove them with the following command:

sudo apt-get remove plymouth-theme-lmint plymouth-theme-mib-oxygen plymouth-theme-mib-ubuntu plymouth-theme-spinfinity-ubuntu-women


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You can also install Super Boot Manager for better customization.

What is Super Boot Manager?

Super-Boot-Manger is a simple gui created with buc ( ... principale). This interface has the main purpose to make easer and intuitive configuration of Grub, Burg (Brand-new Universal loadeR from GRUB) and Plymouth. This interface also allows the installation of Burg, the installation of many graphic themes for Burg and Plymouth and it allows the creation of customized themes.


To install Super Boot Manager on Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in it:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ingalex/super-boot-manager

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install super-boot-manager
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I can't sudo apt-get update !  
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I have translated and updated this topic for Linux Mint 18 and you can see it in this link:

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What a good tutorial for freshman like me! Thx a lot!  
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updated the above tutorial.  

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