Internet Download Manager & Firefox Integration In Linux Mint

  11 years ago

Hello guys....Here I'm going to show : How to make best possible integration of IDM with flashgot (firefox) plugin on Linux Mint Platform(or any other distro you may have). This is meant for the users who want to use IDM on Linux Mint 13 via Playonlinux(front-end to wine).


smileyPART I (Installing playonlinux & Internet Download Manager)

01. Install playonlinux

Note: If you are going to download & install playonlinux the very first time then its better to have an internet connection as playonlinux download different files like microsoft fonts and different compatible versions of wine which is required for wine based applications to work properly.

For Linux Mint 13 Users
wget -q "" -O- | sudo apt-key add -
sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install playonlinux
For user having different platform refer

02. Open playonlinux & Choose "Install a program" from right hand side pane.
03. A window will appear with an option of "Install a non-listed program" in the very bottom-left position.
04. Select that option and the installation will get started.
05. In the next coming window select "Next" & further choose "Install a program in a new virtual drive" & proceed.
06. Select Application's Virtual Drive Name & Click Next.








07.  Following window will appear.Just Click Next & let playonlinux decide which wine is better for the app which is going to be installed.










08.  Choose "32-bit windows installation" and Click Next.
09. Wait for few seconds & let playonlinux to create a Virtual Drive.

Note: So far as per my research I've seen only IDM 5.05 version works well in linux environment. Please make sure whether the version you are going to use is compatible or not.

10. Choose "Browse" & select the IDM Setup file & Click Next.





11. Following window will appear:


















12. Now just complete the  IDM installation without making anychanges in the predefined installation location.
13. Click Finish & when following window appear choose either "Yes" or "No" (Doesn't Matter)














14. Finally IDM will get started.
15. In IDM get inside Downloads-->Options-->Downloads Tab

16. Under Downloads Tab in Dialogs section, select "Download progress dialog" as "Don't Show" & Click OK.

17. Now close IDM from panel selecting "Exit". Ensure IDM is closed completely.










18. Now create the desktop shortcut using Playonlinux wizard

















19. Select a shortcut name for IDMan.exe say "IDMan" & Click Next
20. Select "I don't want to make another shortcut" & Click Next. Close PlayOnLinux Window.


smileyPART II (Installing flashgot addon & configuring firefox)

01. Install "flashgot" addon for "firefox" browser. Refer to website for downloading the addon.
02. Now Restart browser to take effect.
03. Now type "about:config" in address bar & press Enter.
04. Following message will appear. Just proceed & be careful in the very next coming window.








05. Enter "wine" in the given search box.











06. Make the boolean value of "flashgot.useWine" true.


















07.  Restart firefox( or close & start again)
08.  Go to View-->Toolbars-->Select "Add-on Bars"
09.  Close it now.


smileyPART III (Integration)

01.  Open Firefox
02.  Go to Tools-->FlashGot-->More Options
03.  Select General Tab & Click Add.
04.  Enter "IDMan" in the textbox & Click OK.










05. Choose "/usr/share/playonlinux/playonlinux" & Click Open.

06. You will get following result:











07. Now in the very same window under "General" tab do the following:












08. After coming inside "FlashGot Media" tab, select IDMan from dropdownlist box & click OK.







09. Restart Firefox.


smileyPart  IV (Demo)

Downloading youtube video:
01. Unless a youtube( or any other) video is played, no flashgot icon will be visible to user.







02. Once a user open a youtube video the flashgot icon(in addon-bar) of firefox will start flashing with the link pointing to the video location(video with the selected format say 360p). Either click the link or choose a different video pixel format say 720p and wait for few seconds. As soon as the video with new selected format starts buffering or playing, you will see another link in the list of flashgot icon. Right click on flashgot icon & select the link you want to download and wait for few seconds.















03. Few seconds later the IDM dialog box will appear asking for your permission.














04. Select "Start Download" & the video will start getting downloaded.
05. End Result:










Similarly, just click on any downloadble link(doesn't matter whatever website it is) and wait for IDM Dialog Box to appear.



shreejith 9 years ago

I am not able to get IDM 5.05 but I installed IDM 6.21 build 18. Give me a link for IDM 5.05 with key. I even noticed that while doing this play on linux python program is running at 100% cpu utilization.

And just want to know can I download any files other than videos using idm?

HerrDierk 9 years ago

Nice Job, works like a charm !

kvjireh 9 years ago

el crack esta en 4shared buscalo como internet download manager 5.05.3 copia toda la carpeta de crack a donde lo instalo play on linux, dale desde la ventana de play on linux abrir archivo

lone_rider15 9 years ago

Thank you very much. I've been using IDM ever since I got this tutorial.

telcnas 11 years ago

what particular version of idm you were using for installation??

you may also use flareget which is just a replica of idm :)