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 Digital camera (Canon): How to connect to Maya Xfce via USB cable

Some posts in the forum did mention a problem with connecting a Canon digital camera. After some trial and error I found out how. It's really easy and I want to share my experience with all the others.

It's my first Mint tutorial and I don't have a place to put my screenshots on the web right now. So simple text for now. But I'm sure you'll find it useful, anyway.

Installation of gigolo

It seems to be required to install the application gigolo.

So start Synaptic Package Manager, search for gigolo, select it and apply the changes. If there is a request to document this part in more detail, just let me know and I'll add it.

Set up the file manager to handle cameras

Open the settings for Removable Drives and Media.

Select Camera and select Import digital photographs when connected and enter /usr/bin/gigolo in the Command text field.

Close this window.

Connect the camera to the USB port

After connection of the camera via an USB port, an indication windows appears that a camera is connected and a window of the application gigolo containing one icon for the camera is displayed.

Establish the connection between the camera and gigolo

In the gigolo window select the icon and choose Connect from the right mouse button menu. A second icon appears.

Open file manager window

Select the second icon and choose Open from the right mouse button menu.

A file manager window showing the top-level directory on the camera opens.

Navigate through the files

Do whatever you want with the photos you took, e.g. copy them to your hard disk.

Close file manager window

Close the file manager window.

Disconnect camera from gigolo

Choose Disconnect from the right mouse button menu of the first icon in gigolo

Disconnect camera from USB port

Take more photos wink

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