How to Install Amazon MP3 on Isadora

  13 years ago

If you've recently tried to install the Amazon MP3 downloader in the hopes of purchasing some music to play on Linux Mint / Isadora, you probably quickly realized it depends on an older version of libboost than what you have installed. It's a very simple fix to make it work, and here's how.

Please note that these instructions are currently only for 32-bit installs.

First the steps, and then the actual commands:

  1. Open the terminal and create a new directory called temp
  2. Download the older version of libboost
  3. wget the libboost older libraries
  4. Install
  5. Cleanup
  6. Download the Amazon MP3 Installer (or re-run it)

Simple enough, yeah?  Here are the details:

mkdir tmp
cd tmp

sudo dpkg -i *.deb
cd .. 
rm -r tmp

Once completed, simply re-run or download the Amazon MP3 downloader and you're good to go.


Thanks to tvst on the Ubuntu forums for finding the solution to this:

winz 12 years ago

I`d like to express my thanks. You made that so simple!

lovemonkey 13 years ago

Brilliant, thanks a lot. *very* useful for a total newbie!

keithnyc 13 years ago

@mike - great point, I didn't even think about 64-bit differences. I'll keep an eye out for instructions that actually work with 64bit.


mikefreeman 13 years ago

Oops... hold off on that 64-bit part. Those instructions ended up still missing a ton of libraries (even though the instructions are just a few months old, and for Lucid).

mikefreeman 13 years ago

Here's the 64-bit instructions:

mikefreeman 13 years ago

Very cool. Would be even better if there were 64-bit instructions for this as well, or (even better) if Amazon recompiled it with newer libraries, or re-set the dependencies to both the older and newer versions of libboost.