Increase speed in Firefox

  13 years ago

With these simple changes can speed up our Linux Mint and Firefox plus the possibility of lowering the temperature a few degrees of our notebooks. All that moving the browser cache in RAM.

Appeal that this operation works well on computers that have at least a quantity of more than 512 mb ram.

Proceed and open the terminal by typing:



echo "tmpfs /tmp tmpfs noexec,defaults,noatime 0 0">> /etc/fstab &&
echo "tmpfs /var/tmp tmpfs noexec,defaults,noatime 0 0">> /etc/fstab &&
echo "vm.swappiness = 1">> /etc/sysctl.conf

Now open Firefox, go in the address bar and type:


Now we do: right click (with mouse -.- ') => New => String => and call:


and give the value:


Reboot the computer ... and we should see now a speed increase!

wasp 13 years ago

systems with more than 512 RAM to increase performance. If you have problems you can try to change the value of swappiness ... some recommend higher values (100) other medium (10).

In case of problems simply removes etc/sysctl.conf the line swappiness = 1 ....

remoulder 13 years ago

To anyone contemplating doing this, I would advise caution. Essentially wasp is advising the creation of a RAM disk to use as the browser cache and to virtually turn off the ability of the system to utilize swap. Whilst this would certainly speed things up - as everything runs in system RAM - it could also potentially impact on system performance. At least read up on swappiness - - before trying this.