How to Open the Package Manager (Synaptic)

  6 years ago

Synaptic package manager is used to manage installation , update and removal of software. It has many useful tools and is safer and easier to use than command line tools, such as apt-get.

To open package manager in Mate:  Click Menu, lower left corner, the Package Manager.

To open in Cinnamon: Click Menu , then Administration, then Package Manager.

In XFCE: Click Menu, then System, then Synaptic Package Manager

In KDE: Menu, then Applications, then Settings, then Package Manager

Once open, click Reload in the menu bar. Use the Quick Filter box to search for package names or descriptions.


Help, in the menu bar, Contents will open further documentation on how to use Synaptic.

musicinhills 4 years ago

Thank you

trivialzero 4 years ago

I am new and this was easy to follow and helped me out

bill460 4 years ago

I liked it! Short, to the point, understandable to ALL levels of users. Above all, he is using the Mint Linux features, not command line commands! This is Mint Linux, so use Mint Linux where you can.

MagicMint 5 years ago

Newbies, be warned: This is _not_ the package manager, unless you came from Ubuntu! In Linux Mint, there is a much simpler interface for this task, but it’s called “Software Manager” :-)

roiikkata 6 years ago

man, some of you people on here are cruel! i cant believe the things you are saying ..
cant even leave the doors open to new users?
get a life! ..anyways, i totally promote this. you get my vote, rusty.

jahid_0903014 6 years ago

if someone already knows the name synaptic he/she doesn't need to learn how to open it, he/she already knows that too.

Jeroensky 7 years ago

I totally demote this.
I mean if you cannot find a pckage manager, then it's better to not use it, to prevent a messed up unstable system.

What about: how to open shutdown menu ?

sujitnag 7 years ago

very poor tutorial materiel. you should cover all the relative aspect of Synaptic.

how to open a s/w is not expected as a tutorial.

open terminal -> sudo synaptic (type)

find a install application is not hard.

so demote.........................