Konica-Minolta Bizhub C220 on LM14, LM 15 & LM16

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Konica-Minolta Bizhub C220 on LM15 MATE 64 update:
lsb-release: “Linux Standard Base version reporting utility”, Version 4.0-0ubuntu27 – is installed by default, but is dependent upon “lsb” so doesn't do the trick. Synaptic also did its freezing up tantrum, making a reboot necessary before the necessary “Linux Standard Base 4.0 support package” could be installed.

Then, once again:

Menu->Admin->Printers->Add, click Network Printer, select the KM360 with IP address, Forward, select Provide PPD file, got to where you downloaded & expanded the driver and Open KOC360UX (CUPS1.2), click Forward, select any options you may have, then Forward again, type in the (optional) Location and click Apply. If you use Letter size paper when prompted to print a test page do so. If your paper is A4 choose not to, double click on the Printers icon of the installed printer, go to Printer Options and change the paper size and maybe set Print Type to 1-Sided and click Apply. Be aware NOT to scroll with the mouse in the menus otherwise many things can change inadvertently without being noticed!

The Konica-Minolta C360 Series networked printer now works again like a charm using the KM supplied driver!

Originally LM14 MATE 64
On 64 bit Linux Mint 14 the supplied Konica-Minolta printer driver didn't work and often froze the Bizhub C220 making a printer reboot necessary. There seems to be no indication anywhere as to why this happened. After trying many things this came up:
Before installing the printer driver, install LSB using Synaptic.
A Debian OS, and its derivatives like Linux Mint & Ubuntu, needs the Linux Standard Base 4.0 support package (LSB) installed to work with the supplied Konica-Minolta drivers. When installing LSB in Synaptic, the package triggers the installation of other lsb-* items such as lsb-printing.
As the LSB package description in Synaptic states:
"The Linux Standard Base (http://www.linuxbase.org/) is a standard core system that third-party applications written for Linux can depend upon.
This package provides an implementation of all modules of version 4.0 of the Linux Standard Base for Debian on the Intel x86, Intel ia64 (Itanium), IBM S390, and PowerPC 32-bit architectures with the Linux kernel. Future revisions of the specification and this package may support the LSB on additional architectures and kernels.
The intent of this package is to provide a best current practice way of installing and running LSB packages on Debian GNU/Linux. Its presence does not imply that Debian fully complies with the Linux Standard Base, and should not be construed as a statement that Debian is LSB-compliant."
After the LSB installation, the Konica-Minolta driver can be installed as follows:
  1. Download the driver C360 Series Linux v10001.0000.zip & MD5 files from here:
    http://onyxftp.mykonicaminolta.com/download/ [Color Products>bizhub C220>Drivers>Linux and click Show] and check that the zip file is good using MD5.
  2. Unzip C360 Series Linux v10001.0000.zip and note where.
  3. Under Printers click Add
  4. Select Network Printer
  5. Select the Konica Minolta C360 that shows "AppSocket/JetDirect network printer via DNS-SD"
  6. Click Forward - wait while a driver search opens "New Printer" window
  7. Select "Provide PPD file"
  8. Go to where the downloaded "C360_Series_Linux_v10001.0000/CUPS1.2/EN/KOC360UX" file is located
  9. Click Open & Forward/Forward and write a Location if required
  10. Click Apply, select your required paper size and Print a test page.
If all is well that test page should have printed assuming letter paper size.
I hope this is the end of the Konica-Minolta saga. If only I or someone else could have made it clear earlier that Debian needs a LSB tweak to use the drivers for this printer...!
desQEDo 7 years ago

It also works for Linux Mint 16 MATE 64 Petra:
Install lsb-printing first in Synaptic, which also installs a few other item, then "C360_Series_Linux_v10001.0000/CUPS1.2/EN/KOC360UX" as described above

desQEDo 8 years ago

Thanks whelagen. I too hope it helps someone.

hrvooje 8 years ago

Thank you! I had the same issue with KM bizhub 283.