Button layout on Default theme in Xfce

  9 years ago


The default theme for Linux Mint Xfce does not support modifying the button layout in the window manager.

Window Manager - Before


Most of the other themes support modifying of the button layout but none of them look the same as the default. So this tutorial is for if you want the default theme but with modified button layout.


Well we will start by making a copy of the default theme to a place where we can edit it.

Open up the terminal and run these commands:

mkdir ~/.themes

cp -r /usr/share/themes/Shiki-Colors-Metacity ~/.themes/Shiki-Colors-Metacity-Remade

Then we want to edit the themerc file for the new created theme.

mousepad ~/.themes/Shiki-Colors-Metacity-Remade/xfwm4/themerc

Remove the line "button_layout=O|HMC", should be line #9, then save the file and close mousepad.

Almost there, now we just need to switch to the new theme.

Go to "Menu -> Xfce Control Center -> Desktop -> Window manager" and under the tab "Style" our new theme should be in the list under "Theme". Just select it and the button layout section should be unlocked for editing.

Window Manager - After

Just drag the buttons and title to the location you want them, updates will be visible live.