Volumeicon in FluxBox

  9 years ago

Mint-FluxBox has installed, to the volume control, a simple icon pyvolume definitely not configurable.

I installed volumeicon light which is a simple icon that allows a control much more configurable.

To install the following package:


Now open the file in the startup folder hidden .fluxbox:

leafpad ~/.fluxbox /startup

and comment on the pyvolume line adding the volumeicon line:

volumeicon &
#pyvolume &

Now after we rebooted we'll have the new speaker icon.

On my laptop the volume keys did not work neither with pyvolume neither with volumeicon. In case you have the same problem try justto add in the file keys:


the following lines:

XF86AudioLowerVolume: ExecCommand amixer-q Set Master 5% - unmute
XF86AudioMute: ExecCommand amixer-q Set Master toggle
XF86AudioRaiseVolume: ExecCommand amixer-q Set Master 5% + unmute

miami592 7 years ago

Dead Link.