Copy & Paste Multiple Entries in Linux Mint

  8 years ago

Hi Guys,

As an MS Windows user I used to copy&paste a lot of text from one place to another. Between documents or web-pages or what not ...
In order to be able to keep multiple clippings of text and/or pics, I used either two little small freeware. One was Ars Clip and the second was Clip-X.

Note: If you still insist on using Windows, I recommend that you at least use the portable versions. They create less holes in the registry.

I missed this feature on Mint until I found Glipper which is a clipboard manager for gnome.

A short guide to the unexperienced user in 8 short steps:

  1. Go to Menu ->
  2. Software Manager ->
  3. in the top right search window type: "glipper" (without quotes) ->
  4. click on it and install ->
  5. if asked, insert your super-user password ->
  6. reboot you system ->
  7. you will see a new icon next to the clock looking like a capital G ->
  8. right click on it to tweak as you like or is possible

For some detailed pictures, you can also go to FAQforge.

I use in on Mint 13 Maya - Mate 32 bit.
Have fun :-)


DrTubbyGooberman 7 years ago

I tried this and it did not work

zantaz 8 years ago

I have installed mint 13 and what as you described works

xen2050 8 years ago

I just installed this in Mint 14 (live) and though it didn't add any menu shortcuts I didn't have to reboot, just run glipper in a terminal (or alt-F2). Maybe a log out-log in would fix up the menu or even auto-start it, but I wouldn't want it to auto-start anyway unless I told it to...
Does seem to work ok though.

A quicker tutorial might be "run sudo apt-get install glipper then run glipper" :-)

MagicMint 8 years ago

In Linux you almost never need to reboot (unless you upgrade the kernel or some running libraries): It’s enough to log out from the current GUI session and to log in again.