Packaging a C# Desktop Application for Debian-based Distros

  6 years ago

Packaging a C# Desktop Application for Debian-based Distros

In this tutorial I'll step you through the process of packaging a C# desktop application from the ground up, starting with nothing more than the application's source.

This tutorial can be found here.

Please leave a comment if you find any errors, omissions, etc.

theStreak 6 years ago

Just posting to let others know that I've updated the tutorial. In particular, the app being built was renamed in the tutorial to reflect its renaming on GIT. Also, changes were made to the control file itself. Most important, the architecture field has been changed from "all" to "any" which basically means that the resulting package built is specific to the system on which you build the software (or more accurately, specific to the architecture of the live CD that you're running from, given that a 64-bit system could boot into a 32-bit live CD...).

AlbertoLeon 7 years ago

I waited for a long time for things like your work. Is a bit difficult to collaborate with things about Mono in Debian and derived distros, and I like your tutorial. I hope to use it soon! Thanks!

theStreak 7 years ago

Thanx for the up vote Fnux! The tutorial is actually complete--I call it a "work in progress" only because there may be some minor corrections to be made here and there...

fnux 7 years ago

The amazing stuff is when some "Ayatollahs" denote the work made by others without never ever giving a hint for their reason to denote.

Aren't you tired of this infantile behavior with the only goal to bother good guys?

So, I definitely promoted this work even if it's not finished yet!

Give ideas Vs. always bashing!

Just my two cents.