How To Get Thunderbird To Open Web Links In Default Browser (Chrome)

  9 years ago

Go to Thunderbird Menu:  Edit-->Preferences

Click Config Editor

Hit Ok

Search for the following 3 entries:




and double click to true.

That should do it. yes

iraklisg 5 years ago

This tutorial helped me to solve the problem of thunderbird crashing when I tried to open links by clicking on them. +1

biffster 8 years ago

Don't mind the downvotes on this, the answer it provides is still correct. Follow the steps above, and you will be able to get Thunderbird to open links in your default browser (mine is Chrome Beta).

DestinTheGreat 9 years ago

could just put the add-on thunderbrowse in the wizard it allows to set the default browser to open links.

sujitnag 9 years ago

add explanation for each step.
configuration always has its inbuilt risk.
if follow you blindly may be a risky job.