CheckGmail Error 200 OK Fix (Maya)

  10 years ago

This fix takes a little bit of patience and hacking skills, but here it is. 


1. You will need to download the patch file:

Go to:

click on Attached File ( 1 )


click on download


2.  Run as superuser in a terminal:

$ sudo -s

Copy /usr/bin/checkgmail in the folder containing checkgmail.patch


$ cp /usr/bin/checkgmail /home/YOUR HOME FOLDER/Downloads

Change directories to the folder containing checkgmail.patch and checkgmail


$ cd /home/YOUR HOME FOLDER/Downloads

Run the patch: 

$ patch checkgmail checkgmail.patch

(Hit Yes, Enter y)


3.  Open checkgmail with some text editor

$ sudo pluma checkgmail

with the replace function replace every occurency of 




It should give 3 occurencies.

Change the old text with the new all 3 times.


4.  Save the file and copy the file back (overwrite) to its original folder:

$ cp /home/YOUR HOME FOLDER/Downloads/checkgmail /usr/bin/checkgmail


Done!   With a new version that finally runs. devil