Mounting iSCSI volumes through IPv4

  10 years ago

This very simple (yet useful) tutorial walks you through the process of discovering, logging into and mounting iSCSI targets offered by a network-host, all through Linux Mint! :)

Firstly, install Open-iSCSI:
# sudo apt-get install open-iscsi open-iscsi-utils

Start the iSCSI network interface (iSCSI daemon):
# sudo /etc/init.d/iscsi-network-interface start

Then discover iSCSI targets offered by supplied IP-address:
# iscsiadm --mode discovery -t sendtargets --portal <IP-address>

This will display the targetname (iqn--.:)

After finding a target, you will want to log into it (example targetname):
# iscsiadm --mode node --targetname \

--portal --login

You now have an iSCSI target connected, now you will have to format the device (if it isn't already). It will appear as a new "/dev/sd*" harddisk-device. You can format and mount this target-device just as a normal block-device (HDD).

pizslacker 10 years ago

Thanks for the feedback :) I know CLI discourages alot of people, but I don't know of any gui's for iscsi-management. But I'm on the case ;)

Hammer459 10 years ago

This is a technically correct Tutorial.
To make it more attractive and useful for less experienced users you should elaborate a little in text on what iSCSI is and possibly any gui parts. Many users tend to be discouraged by CLI