WebDav in Linux Mint 15 "Olivia" KDE

  6 years ago

1) Open Dolphin

2) Point to Network...

3) Double-click on Add Network Folder

4) Enter a meaningful name in the Name field.  It can be anything, and does not affect the connection.

5) Enter your username in the User field.  If your administrator uses usergroups, it could appear as group\userName.  You must include the user group followed by a slash (\), then your username.

6) In the server field, enter the web address.  If the address includes http or https, strip it.  Dolphin uses its own protocol (webdavs) that it appends to the address.

7) You may ignore the port field, unless you know that the connection requires a port different from 80 (the default), or 443 (the result of clicking the Use Encryption checkbox)

8) In the folder field, place the remote folder you'd like to open initially.  Do not include a leading or trailing slash.

9) Press Connect.  You should be asked to input a password, and the resulting connection should be successful.