install latest Netbeans (7.4) in Linux mint

  10 years ago

I am using LM 16 cinnamon x86 and the latest netbeans version in the repository is 7.0.1 but the actual latest version is 7.4 for now(21th of Dec 2013).

if you want to install the latest netbeans then:

first download it from

(it's free and open source software)

1. in the website you  will see the latest version highlighted and below it, a download option, click it , and you will be presented with a new page where you have to select your language and platform.

2. select linux x86/x64 for platform

3. then select the right most download button, or you can select your own if you want to exclude some of the packages.(right most option includes all).

After downloading

you will see a file named like

1. keep it in your home directory (if the file is in the downloads directory then skip this step) to avoid complications in file permission.

2. first give it execution permission

   2.1 right click the file and go to permissions tab

   2.2 check the check box saying 'allow executing file as program'

3. now double click the file and select 'run' or 'run in terminal'

4. now you will be presented with an installation window. now a simple gui is presented for you and you just have to go through the processes as it says.

netbeans 7.4 automatically adds an entry in the programming section in your menu and also a desktop shortcut, so you don't have to add it in the menu manually.

shreejith 9 years ago

Can u write tutorial on "How to start java program in netbeans". The netbeans is not responding so I shifted to eclipse which is working fine.

If possible please write tutorial "How to start java program in netbeans".