Easy and fast: Improve Nemo in Mint 16 Cinnamon

  7 years ago

If you've just installed Mint 16 Cinnamon you only need to copy this line to terminal to greatly improve your Nemo experience:

sudo apt-get install nemo-preview

Now you can use spacebar in Nemo to get a quick preview of the selected media file. Don't know why it is not included in default install.

There are other extensions available to expand Nemo capabilities, you can check  https://github.com/linuxmint/nemo-extensions/

nemo-media-columns could be useful for a main user, allows to add to list view some media-related fields (music meta data, EXIF info for pictures). If yo:u browse your MP3 or pics collection with nemo, then copy this to terminal:

sudo apt-get install nemo-media-columns



Other extensions are more specific (Dropbox support, PGP encryption, CVS support...)

peacefulsam 7 years ago

Thanks mate, this helped me fix the Nemo Error I keep getting with trying to access a samba share, like every time i try to: nemo smb:// I get an error saying nemo doesn't support SMB locations. So I followed your suggested steps in here and things got fixed.
I am new to linux mint, I am seriously loving it . last night got mint 17 (the Quira one) installed on my workstation at home. simply amazing. :)

Thanks once again.
Many Hugs

csthomas2009 7 years ago

I love this idea about the media columns and that it is integrated with a GUI, I am considering tagging all of my files and want to be able to sort them by columns.
I can think of a thousand uses for this. I tried to find [comments] so i can place it in a field to be searched. I like this addition to cinnamon because it is a tag that most media files use and you can use that is cross platform. (example, if I'm a work, I tag a file in windows later I get home and want to search through my synced folder from tags it is easy) but :( I use Linux at home and windows machine in a Vituralbox so I can do some of the S@#t for work.)
Please add [comments] to the media selections. I am no coder but I checked out the python file on-line, it looks like it may be a little hard for me or easier for programmers like you all, I'm not sure. I am forced to use windows at work they wont budge on that, unfortunately. I do like the libraries feature that windows, use it all the time. (one thing they did right) it allows me to build all my music movies Pdfs, ect by categories that I choose, sweet!

you guys are one step closer to allowing me to sort my files by tags. thank you guys for all that you do :)

chetw 7 years ago

This is a great feature. Is saves me a lot of time when searching through large archives. You don't have to use the terminal to install it because it is in the official repository (Mint 16 Cinnamon). Just search for nemo-preview in your software manager. You have to include the hyphen in your search or it won't show up. This is due to the still lousy Software Manger Search Engine in Mint. I agree with Crivote that is should be included with the default installation package.

crivote 7 years ago

Brynerp, are you using Mint 16 Cinnamon? I'm afraid maybe you're using MATE version that uses Caja instead of Nemo as file manager. Or a previous mint version.

brynerp 7 years ago

My machine reports "unable to locate package" for both the above suggestions

crivote 7 years ago

I think Nemo has its own project. Don't know if the Cinnamon issues panel is the right place for that. Thanks anyway

remoulder 7 years ago

This is not a tutorial

Hammer459 7 years ago

Suggest that it is included in install in the Cinnamon issues panel at https://github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/issues