Type in your native language in Linux Mint

  9 years ago

Linux Mint comes with multilanguage support by default. You don't even need to install any additional software to write/type in your native language in Linux Mint.

Just follow the steps below:

1. The main thing is, you have to find the keyboard layout option for your specific Desktop Environment.

a. for cinnamon go to preferences->system settings->regional settings->keyboar layout (tab)

b. for kde go to preferences->kde system settings->input devices->(select) keyboard->(tab) layouts

c. for gnome go to system settings->region & language->input source (tab) this is the  required keyboard layout option.

d. for mate desktop go to the control center->keyboard->layouts (tab)

now you got the basic picture what you actually need to find. so just find the keyboard layout/input source option in your specific DE.

2. now you have to add your preferred language to the keyborad layout/input source.

you may see an add (+ sign) at the bottom. (in kde you have to check configure layouts option first). now click this add button and you will be presented with a list of available input languages. select your preferred language.

3. now configure a suitable keyboard shortcut. in most DE there are some default shortcuts, but in cinnamon (petra) it's not set by default.

to set shortcut:

a. in cinnamon it's in the same window (keyboard layout/input source), in the right bottom corner named "options" then "keys to change layout". select a suitable key combination from here.

b.  in kde it's in the same window named "shortcut for switching layout"

c. in gnome there's a link named "shortcut settings" in the same window.

d. in mate desktop there's an option named "options" then "keys to change layout".

whatever DE you use you should set the shortcut (if not set already) or use an applet (like keyboard, it's default in cinnamon) to switch between languages to take full advantage of the multilanguage support of LM.

4. Finally you need an average knowledge about the layout you are using (which letter will show up for which key). for this you can see the preview.

a. in kde there's an option named preview in the same window.

b. in gnome and cinnamon there's an icon like keyboard at the bottom of the same window.

c. in mate there's an option show which shows the keyboard layout.

d. if you want flexibility then you better use keyboard applet. there's an option show keyboard layout in this applet.

e. if you want more flexibility then you have to use an on screen keyboard. it provides an easy way to type through mouse click and shows the keyboard layout. Unfortunately the default on screen keyboard provided with LM 16 cinnamon doesn't support multilanguage input. so you have to use an additional on screen keyboard which supports multilanguage (onboard is my favourite).

The basic thing to do to enable your native language for typing is the same for most of the DE's. so if you are using a DE that is not mentioned in this tutorial, you just have to apply your basic knowledge & in no time you will be able to do it.

MagicMint 7 years ago

Just a side note: the number of different keyboard layouts in LMĀ 17.x is still limited to 4.