Installing QGIS and PostGIS software in LMDE

  6 years ago

QGIS is a very powerful GIS system. The deb packages for Ubuntu and Debian are not the latest so I'll install it directly from the repository. As this is going to be a GIS server, I'll also install the latest version of PostGIS.

At the time of writing the latest versions were QGIS 2.2, PostGIS 2.1 and PostGreSQL 9.3. Installation was very straightforward except for a nasty issue (which has affected me a few times now) involving a conflict between two libraries: libgdal1 and libgdal1h. We need to get libgdal1h from the Deb Jessie repo. So there are 3 repos to add.

Add Repositories

Following the instructions on the Postgres and QGIS websites, I added these repositories:

deb jessie main

deb sid-pgdg

deb jessie

You can either copy/paste these into sources.list(or sources.list.d/your_file_here) or add them using Synaptic. I used Synaptic. There are also instructions for adding keys if you want to make sure the packages are legit (and it removes annoying error messages about not authenticated sources). Don't do apt-get upgrade with the Debian repo on because it could cause some nasty issues about differences between Mint and Debian (as I understand it, LMDE is sort of halfway between 'Stable' and 'Testing', so mixing anything not specifically required from Debian could result in wierd messiness).


Using apt-get or synaptic, install the following:



Clean Up

Use Synaptic or a text editor to remove the Debian FTP repository. Then you can safely apt-get update / upt-get upgrade.

JoshuaBrooks 6 years ago

I am not 100% sure about the 'sid-pgdg' bit but as there don't appear to be repos for jessie / testing I used this instead. PostGIS seems to function just fine.