A simple solution to "Process terminated with status 255" in Codeblocks

  7 years ago

If you face the "Process terminated with status 255" error in Code::Blocks, it possibly means that the default program that C::B uses for launching console programs is something you've not installed on your OS (in my case, it was xterm). you don't necessarily need to install xterm and customize the font etc. Just change the Codeblocks default:

In Codeblocks, I went to Settings > Environment , and from the drop down menu next to Terminal to launch console programs, selected the Terminal (in Mint 16 Cinnamon, mine was "gnome-terminal --disable-factory -t $TITLE -x").

Now Codeblocks won't try to run my C program in xterm that does not exist on my PC (or at least even after installing it, I don't like the look or want to change it constantly).

panos 5 years ago

Can anybody help? I fixed the "255" but no I am facing Process Terminated with status 0.

omp9908 6 years ago

Download and install Code Block:
1)Open 'Software Manager'
2)Then select category 'Programming'
3)Choose 'Code Block'
4)Click on 'Install' option

Download and install g++ compiler:
1)open 'Software Manager'
2)Then select category 'Programming'
3)Choose 'g++'
4)Click on 'Install' option

Open 'Terminal'
Press keys(Ctrl+Alt+T)

Try installing the xterm package first
sudo apt-get install xterm

For the symlink you would have to escalate privileges with sudo
sudo ln -s x-terminal-emulator xterm

_______________________Thank You_______________________________

shreejith 7 years ago

Thanks..Adding "xterm" from the Software center DO solved the missing terminal/console!

Bradlee 7 years ago

Thanks a lot. I installed CB under Rebecca and got started with C++ at www.learncpp.com. After installing the g++ package I had this status (255)
Your solution came in very handy. I don't think I could have figured it out myself.

ALF13 7 years ago

Friend, you saved me a lot of time and pain.

Adding "xterm" from the Software center DO solved the missing terminal/console!

Thank you!

jahid_0903014 7 years ago

good info