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 Share your installed applications to any Linux Compatible computer (no network)

Downloading of applications is made easy in Linux by different software management tools available especially when using Ubuntu and Linux Mint, such as Ubuntu Software Center, Synaptic, and a powerful command line tool apt-get. Offline package management support is also made possible with the aid of Synaptic’s download script, apt-offline, Keryx, and Cube.

But how about sharing your installed apps from your computer to other computers who needs them? Or have an app in your computer and you want to share the same app to your friend’s computer who don’t have it installed. Re-downloading of these packages is a big struggle and a waste of time, especially if the app is too big and you need to have these installed on multiple computers.

Cube however, on its 1.0.9 release, added a feature named Cube App Share, that can make sharing of installed apps possible, with the aid of a backup command line tool “dpkg-repack”.


So how can I share apps then?

You just need to do Create, Share, and Install :

  1. Create a Cube project on the other computer (who needs the app), save it in a flash drive.
  2. Open the other computer’s project on a host computer (who have the app) using Cube. Share your host’s apps using App Share, and copy the other computer’s project back to a flash drive.
  3. Open the new other computer’s Cube project, and install the shared app.


Requirements for Cube App Share

Not all Linux distributions are compatible to each other, so App Sharing is also strict in terms of compatibility. You can share your packages if :

  • Your host computer and the other computer must have same Linux distribution and release (ie. Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint Maya to Linux Mint Maya). Same architecture (32bit to 32bit, 64bit to 64bit).
  • In case of different distribution (Ubuntu to Linux Mint or Linux Mint to Ubuntu), check the compatibility table below

Cube App Share Compatibility Table

Linux Mint Ubuntu
Maya 13 12.04 Precise
Nadia 14 12.10 Quantal
Olivia 15 13.04 Raring
Petra 16 13.10 Saucy
Quiana 17 14.04 Trusty

(*or vice versa). For example, Linux Mint Maya 13 is app share compatible with Ubuntu 12.04 Precise.

After satisfying the requirements, you can now use Cube App Share


Example Sharing

In this example I used computers with both Linux Mint 13 Maya 32 bit

Host Computer (Who have apps)

Other Computer (Who needs the app)

Step 1 : Create (Other Computer)

1. Download the latest cube on its official Launchpad site Download the cube-1.0.* if you are using Linux 32bit (i386) or cube-1.0.* if you are using Linux 64bit (amd-64).

2. Extract the zip to your Home directory

3. Open the cube folder, right click on cube-linux file, click Open. If a dialog appears, click Run.

4. The cube’s startup window will appear, enter your desired project name on the text box (A predefined name is already set, which is your username), then click Create

5. Close the program, go back to the cube’s directory, open the projects folder and copy your project folder. You can compress it also to save space. Copy it to a flash drive.


Step 2 : Share (Host Computer)

1. If cube is not setup on the host computer, repeat #1 and #2 at Setup 1 : Create

2. Open the cube’s folder, open the projects folder, then copy your project folder from your flash drive to projects folder.

3. Open the cube folder, right click on cube-linux file, click Open. If a dialog appears, click Run.

4. The cube’s startup window will appear, select your previous project on the combo box and click Open.

5. It will ask if you want to download latest repositories, if you have internet connection, do so, click OK.

But if you don’t have internet connection, and your other computer’s repository is outdated, you can get repositories to your host computer using Cube Menu => Repositories => Get Host’s Repositories

6. Then start finding apps :) In my example, I want to share docky, a lightweight dock for Linux which is installed to the host computer. You will know if a package is installed to host and can be shared if you see the Available to this computer status.

7. Click Get package in this computer, and then cube will check also if all of its dependencies are available to the host (also checking if that is compatible to the other computer). Click Repack Now to continue.

8. After repacking, the status of docky is now Repacked , packages with repacked status can be installed. Click on the Verify button to check if all of its dependencies are repacked also.

9. Not all packages available to host can be repacked, because there are instances that other computer’s dependency needs are not available to host. It may also occur if the dependency package needs to be updated first, since Cube always choose the up-to-date packages. In this case, you need to download some packages.

10. Repeat the steps if you want to share more apps to the other computer. I also shared abe game, audacity, chromium-bsu game, dosbox emulator, filezilla, geany, gnome-paint, picasa, record my desktop, sound converter, gmusicbrowser and the whole eclipse IDE.

11. Close the cube afterwards, then go back to the cube’s directory, open the projects directory and copy the other computers project back to flashdrive (replacing the old one).


Step 3 : Install (Other Computer)

1. Copy back the other’s computer project from flash drive to the cube’s project directory (replacing the old one), go back to the cube directory, and open the cube-linux.

2. Select the other’s computer project at the cube startup window and click Open.

3. If asked to Update your System Status, please click Yes, since you now have new repositories.

4. Then the Cube window will appear, on the List Packages, click the Downloaded button. All the repacked packages will be listed. Find the package you want to install (Just choose main package). In my case, I’ll choose docky, double click it to view it.

5. On the package information view, click the Install this. A dialog will appear showing you all packages that will be installed also. Click OK. And if asked for password, please supply your computer’s password. After that, the installation terminal will appear, showing you the happenings on the installation.


6. And after that, docky is now Installed

7. If you want to install all of the repacked packages all at once, click Cube Menu => Packages => Install all packages with complete dependencies.


Happy Sharing :)

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Dear remoulder,
Not whole population of the World live in Europe or USA. You will never understand the usefulness of this tool. Here we don't have proper internet access. This tool is Savior for us.
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