Heart Bleed for Heart Beat

  9 years ago



LinuxMint 13 Maya - Cinamon  3.2.0-23-generic x86-64 GNU/Linux

Audience:  Newbies,  End Users -  (*u1)

Purpose:  Simple, short and easy explanation for mere mortals.  Driving out fears and confusions (*u1)

For:   Users Desktop systems (openSSH / openSSL  Client) -   (*u1)

NOT for:  Servers. As this only outline the Initial steps, there are other steps to be taken on Servers -   (*u1)

Why:   I had the same confusion, googled and piece up this "semi-why, what and how-to"  - (*u1)

Overview:  The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability that allows outside attackers to steal sensitive information on an otherwise believed to be secured connections for example: https (ie: http over ssl/tls), secure email and VPN. All done without leaving a trace.
For more details:  http://heartbleed.com/  ;  Also at My Blog with easy formatting -  (*u3)

Background:  I am running different versions of OpenSSH/OpenSSL on Linux, Desktop, Servers, and Network Devices. Basically, I ssh back into them. - (*u1)

Disclaimers:  If I have hindered your quest and progress to fix this issue, accept my apology.  If I have further confused you, I seek your advise to improve upon this "Article".  Thank you :)!!  - (*u1)

Quick Summary: - (*u2)

  • How to Check
    • openssl version -a
    • look for build date on/after:  7apr2014
  • More Checking
    • apt-get changelog openssl
    • apt-get changelog libssl1.0.0
    • look for  CVE-2014-0160 fix

Status:  Done and Ready


*u1 -  inserted on 20140426

*u2 -  inserted a "Quick Summary" on 20140426, if you do not want to read the details

*u3 - 20140427:  A simple overview

*u4 -  20140427:  It should have been 1.0.2-beta Testing Branch, instead of 1.0.2  Alpha Testing Branch as stated before this update.


Heart Bleed Bug

  • What ain't Broken?

  • What is Broken?

  • What is fixed?


What was Not Broken by Heart Bleed?

  • Major Components

    • SSL
    • SSH
    • Heart Beat
  • OpenSSL before 1.0.1

  • Non OpenSSH/OpenSSL implementations


What is Broken?

  • OpenSSH/OpenSSL Heart Beat implementation

    • 1.0.1 Branch
    • 1.0.2-beta Testing Branch - (*u4)
  • Yep, it's an Implementation error


What is fixed?

  • OpenSSL v1.0.1g

  • Open SSL 1.0.2-beta2 - (*u4)

  • Distropatch by each distro

    • Built on/after 7apr2014
    • These not necessary be 1.0.1g

      openssl version -a

  • How to check?

    • openssl version -a
    • Look for build date


Some more Checking?

  • Launch Package Manager

    • Eg: Mint Synatic Package Manger
  • Search/Filter for “ssl” installed

    • Eg: libssl1.0.0, openssl
  • Select libssl1.0.0 and [Get Changelog]

    • Look for CVE-2014-0160 fix
  • CLI - Mint13

    • apt-get changelog openssl
    • apt-get changelog libssl1.0.0


What to look for :?

  • CVE-2014-0160 fix

  • 1.01-4ubuntu5.12 for Mint13

Synaptic Package Manager


Anything Else?

  • Yes, Google for the rest :)

    • This is meant As a Simple Guide
    • For more details eg: Server ... pls Google or seek Professional help - (*u1)
  • After Patch, Look for??

    • Generate New Certificates - if running Server - (*u1)
    • Revoke Old Certificates - if running Server -(*u1)
    • Get all End users to Change Passwords
    • Other Details
      • Check with your Service Provider eg: Online Mail, Ruby Rail etc...
  • Remember not all OpenSSH/OpenSSL is affected!


guruwannabe 9 years ago

I would like to thank Hammer459 for his constructive feedback which enable me to improve this 'mini-tutorial' / article. Now, it is put into much better perspective in term of scope and formatting for readability.
Once again, thank you.

guruwannabe 9 years ago

Hi Hammer459,
Thanks for the feed back. Sorry that the article do not have the breadths and depths that you expected.
Done some modification and update (*u1) to put this article into perspective.
Yes, it might be poorly formatted but how could I improve it so that it is not a spam anymore?
Once again, thank you :)