synchronize box cloud on Linux Mint

  7 years ago

Box is one of the cloud storage service. I use it. It has useful applications, and integrates with windows eaily. But it doen't have a Linux client (yet).

However you can mount your Box account on Linux Mint easily.

1- go to your file amanger... In Dolphin:

1a- search for "network".... in Dolphin it is under "Place" in the left hand side

1b- once you click that, you will find shortcuts and a folder called "Add Netwrok Folder"

open the "AddNetwrok Folder"

1c- this starts the setup process.

1d- first window, leave the top option ticked "WebFolder (Webdav)" and click Next

1e- next step of setup, fill in the details as follows:

   a- Name: choose whateevr name you like

   b- user: you user name in box,,,, it is your email address you used to sign up in Box cloud.

  c- Server:

  d- port: 443

  e- Folder: /dav


1f- importnant: tick both options on the bottom: Create an icon........ and use encryption.

1g- this will open a new window asking for your Box account password. fill it in, and click on "Remember password" to keep it mounted automatically.

1h- you are done. you wil see the folder you created, in networks.

1i- right click on it, and choose "add it to places"

1j- now you have box under places every time you start your session


2- If you don't use Dolhpin, then in Caja, and Nautilus:

2a- go to the file manager and to File

2b- choose "connect to server"

2c- in the window tha pops up, insert the following:

 1- Server:      port: 443

 2- Type: secure WebDAV(HTTPS)

 3- Folder: /dav

 4- user name: the password you sued to sign up for box cloud.

5- password: your password with box account

 6- tick the "Remember password" and "Add bookmark"

 7- gie the bookmark whatever you like, olike MyBoxCloud

 and done.

ddalley 4 years ago

Would you mind reviewing / updating this tutorial, please?

When I try to use Dolphin, it opens up Kate, to edit a file. That isn't in your instructions, as far as I understand things. If you can include other file managers, others will appreciate that, too.

Also, there are a number of spelling typos.

I've read this a few times, but the site tracking has not kept track, so don't judge interest by that number.

MagicMint 5 years ago

@lwrestoration: In file managers other than Dolphin, you have to set a bookmark once you’ve connected successfully to your cloud account.

MagicMint 6 years ago

Oh sorry, I’ve meant the “network folder thing” which only works in Dolphin, i.e. in the KDE edition. The other part holds for most other file managers, hence also for Nemo which is the standard in the Cinnamon edition.

mhajarat 6 years ago

MagicMint....what? be more precise in your comment. what do you mean "this only works there"!!

MagicMint 6 years ago

Please be more precise in saying “However you can … on Linux Mint (KDE edition) easily”, as this only works there.