How to run android .apk in linux mint 17

  8 years ago

                                 We can run Android in linux mint 17 

NOTE :- You Need VirtualBox Installed in your system .


Step 1 :-  Go

Step 2:- Sign to geanymotion And download geanymotion file 

Step 3:-  To run in mint select  Ubuntu 32 or ubuntu 64 (select your  Architecture )

Step 4 :- After downloading you will find a geanymotion file in home Folder 

Step 5:- Right click on 'Geanymotion.bin' file and select permision select 'Allow executing program '

step 6:- Open terminal and type su :

                passsword : ********

Step 7 :- Drag  and drop Geanymotion.bin in terminal. (here it  will install geanymotion )

Step 8:- It will ask to create a Folder in home just say yes  by pressing y.

Step 9:- Go to home folder there you will see a folder named 'Geanymotion '

Step 10:- There u will find   files named as geanymotion , geanymotion -shell . select  'geanymotion

step 11 :- Here it will launch geanymotion Application Select Add option.

Step 12 ;- Enter your User name and Password (The Username and password your entered while downloading Geanymotion file)

Step 13:- Select Add option there I will show various Android devices , (Android Resoultions )

Step 14:- It will download the Android File and automatically install it .

  That's now to run any Android .Apk file in Genaymotion , to install any .Apk file just drag and drop .Apk file in geanymotion app

ManuRahim 4 years ago

I think, it is almost impossible for me to download ORCLE VM VIRTUAL BOX, as it shows many errors while installation. While I try to solve the errors by downloading or manually updating drivers (those not shown in synaptic), some of them conflicts with existing libs.

So, I stopped trying for GENYMOTION, which was once my favorite.

I use the latest MINT (sonya)...

soygriego 6 years ago

Thanks. Now I have a second account of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale :D

heri1453 6 years ago

yes work

AshutoshKale 7 years ago

use this command :- ./genymotion-2.2.2_x64.bin --uninstall

but what's the problem ??

sirfmoyo 7 years ago

how do i uninstall this genymotion thing

sirfmoyo 7 years ago

Unable to load VirtualBox engine.

AshutoshKale 8 years ago

Yeah, @Dudeofx your right but i found that geanymotion provide better performance than running other tools hence i posted !!!
please note: I am not Adverting/promoting Geanymotion.
I am open-source lover !!

dudeofx 8 years ago

I found out myself, its an emulator probably based on android x86, I think it sounded like commercial spam because the website has a commercial tone and this post didn't mention the SDK or using VirtualBox

dudeofx 8 years ago

umm, to save time for myself and others, what is the difference between Geanymotion and the Android SDK or installing x86-Android on virtual box? Is it more native to linux like wine or is it emulating like the methods I mentioned?

jahid_0903014 8 years ago


AshutoshKale 8 years ago

Commercial spam? Why Do you think so ? Geanymotion is Free for Personal USE !!!

AshBaby 8 years ago

Whats wrong with remoulder... calling everything spam.

remoulder 8 years ago

Commercial spam?