How to install Google Chrome on Linux Mint 17 Quiana

  8 years ago

1. Add this link to the list of repo sources "deb stable main"

2. Run in terminal "sudo apt-get update"

3. Run in terminal "sudo aptitude install google-chrome-stable"

4. Done!

akaawol 6 years ago

Hate to sound stupid, but when you say "Add this link to the list of repo sources " and not explain what that involves it makes what could be an easy "How To" into a lot more looking for steps. Also this doesn't seem to address what version of Chrome this installs.

mcbro 6 years ago

There seems to be a new problem with this, created by Google. They have dropped support for 32 bit linux machines, but for some reason the cache update keeps looking for it.

The issue is described here:

Unfortunately using the software sources gui will not permanently fix this problem since adding the argument [arch=amd64] to the deb command as in,

deb [arch=amd64] stable main

seems to revert back to the original after a little while. I'm uncertain of the best way to proceed here.

thevaliantx 6 years ago

Thanks a lot for the tutorial! My wife wanted Chrome on her desktop :)

hughparker1 6 years ago

Thanks angelgs for your clear instructions including getting the

It worked perfectly.


Yash1 6 years ago

Thanks a lot for this.
I'm using 17.2 , and after updating the software sources (through the software manager) and updating the list, Google Chrome shows up in the software packages.
Worked very well.

angelgs 7 years ago

Thanks omurad. It worked flawlessly for me.
I still prefer the command line for some task. :-)

It's easy to simply copy and paste this:

$ sudo add-apt-repository "deb stable main"
$ wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo aptitude install google-chrome-stable

And finally, lunch Google Chrome
$ google-chrome


wdfisk 7 years ago

disregard I finally installe it, thanks for all the help guys.

wdfisk 7 years ago

none of this i working for me guys.

jahid_0903014 8 years ago

your method will generate a warning in the terminal if apt-get update is run regarding GPG keys. To resolve this,run

wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -

before running "sudo apt-get update"

better use xenopeeks download & install method...rather than dealing with complex terminal codes..

xenopeek 8 years ago

You don't need to use the terminal...

1. Go to
2. Click on download
3. Double-click the downloaded file in your file manager and click install

Does exactly the same thing. Replace step 1 with searching on Google for "Google Chrome" to follow link from there to instead install Google Chrome in your native language.