Dianara , a client for the decentralized and free social network pump.io

  6 years ago

Pump.io is a general social network. Besides the obvious advantage of being decentralized and free, you can publish formatted text, pictures or whatever you want There is no character limit or any other class.

The first step is register an account in pump.io.

The easiest is to go to the web site Pump.io and press the button Try it now.


Then signed into the web interface, remember your user ID (and password, obviously)



Now you can download Dianara from the Synaptic package manager


Here you can launch Dianara and create a desktop icon



Opening and authorizing Dianara

Opening Dianara first we introduce our pump.io address and click Get Code Verifier



Now the browser will open and you must enter your username and password


and authorize Dianara

Copy and paste the Verifier into Dianara


Now , click on authorize application and save details



Clicking on the photo icon you can put an avatar and your data



In the meanwhile you can see the activity of the people you follow, such as messages, comments, users you follow who follow other people and many other things


In the Timeline you can see messages from your contacts, comment, share, like it...

In Messages will be your private messages or if someone has mentioned you.

In Activity will be in all your posts, comments and other

In Favorites are the messages you've marked as favorites



In Contacts are your followers and the people you follow.
To follow someone you just have to put his/her address of pump.io


In the section Lists you can create or remove lists, and add users to them and then be able to send messages to this group of people

You can also follow people who follow you by clicking at followers tab


Writing posts

Clicking on the top you can write messages



Write a title ( if you want , but recommended) and in the right (format) you can format text, create links, smileys ...

On To Button whom will you send the message. Can be public, to followers, to lists, or to a person , also you can send multiple or single. But this field is recommended not be empty

On Cc you can make others who want to receive that message

You can upload a picture too




How to send a private message

On To Button select the person and on CC make emtpy , like this :





This is version 1.1 of Dianara. If you want a more current version and have the knowledge you can download and compile from gitorius , opening a terminal and using the command : git clone git://gitorious.org/dianara/dianara-dev.git

You can visit the project site here : http://jancoding.wordpress.com/dianara/


some interesting information on the use of social network pump.io:

MagicMint 6 years ago

@remoulder: As Dianara is in the repositories, this tutorial is a useful supplement to it, hence it’s _no_ spam at all.

juansantiago 6 years ago

@remoulder spam, only in your dirty mind.

talo 6 years ago

Dianara is an official package of linux mint , you can see too the project site in software in this page.
In the other hand , pump.io is a community based social noetwork , not a firm , and it is a little difficult for normal users, for that i wrote some help links to FAQ's and sources for a better user experience.
In the GNU/linux community taht it's normal i think in documents and is the spirit of the free software people , colaborative and helping.

remoulder 6 years ago